Insight into Climate Change – A Call for Projects

With half of the world’s tropical coral dead and 90% of the remaining coral projected to die over the next 30 years, Insight into Impact is making coastal community resilience a priority this year and we need your help. 

Insight Into Climate Change

With over one billion people impacted by the dying ecosystems and approximately $30 billion in annual revenues set to continually decline, cutting edge technologies and new scalable models are aiding restoration projects.

While a comprehensive movement to limit climate change is still urgently needed, many governments have not put forth funding to support reef restoration at the ecosystem-level.

The public sector has been the primary funder of reef protection and restoration efforts – it’s a huge burden to bear. As more countries move towards innovate “blue economy” initiatives, others continue to procrastinate. Meaning, donors and philanthropists are left with the bill. 

Fortunately, the private sector has been steadily growing interest in the reef restoration and backing tech companies that can make a difference.

That is where Insight into Impact comes in. We are interested in collecting data from community members and other stakeholder groups that are directly impacted by the slow death of the reef and/ or communities that are benefiting from some of the recent technological advances in reef restoration. With several projects on the books, we hope to compile a comprehensive impact assessment to aid coastal community resilience.

Please share this post with colleagues or contacts that are linked to communities impacted by the declining reef. Thank you.

To learn more  please email Dr. Marcus Curcija at or phone 07 3351 5440 today!

Third i’s EXCITING Announcement! SparkPlug QLD

Third i Management is very excited to announce we have been selected to showcase at Advance QLD’s SparkPlug Rd 3: Impact Economy event in Feb/ March. This is an amazing opportunity to present our innovative approach, process, & ideas to QLD Government decision-makers and startup investors!