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Insight Into Impact is a diversified social and environmental impact consultancy. We provide organisations and industries with tools to evaluate past, present, or future actions, decisions, and impacts. Our education platform aims to provide short-term solutions and support long-term strategies to create sustainable networks and; systems for businesses and communities to thrive and grow in! 


Transforming decision-making begins with transparent conversation. 
Adopting sustainability principles and practices can be challenging. Join Dr. Marcus Curcija, Social Impact and Conflict Management expert, as he interviews industry reps who are transforming their organisations by implementing social impact strategies and achieving economic prosperity. He will discuss the relevance of impact measurement as a tool to guide the decision-making process.


Dr. Marcus Curcija, Managing Director of Insight Into Impact helps organisations and governments align with the UNDP Global Goals for Sustainable Development through data driven insights, social impact assessment, and accountability to aid overall decision-making and derive the best outcomes. 


Success is no longer dictated by profit alone. The professional world widely recognises the need to also address social and environmental concerns. Mainly through business practices that account for a targeted sustainability strategy. Therefore, sustainability principles and practices are required to ensure a business remains competitive.

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