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Community Development

There are countless reasons why community-based projects fail or don’t reach the level of success initially envisioned. Often these shortcomings create conflict and turmoil throughout a community and stakeholders either start to blame each other or are left wondering what went wrong. All the while the costs associated with the projects have accumulated, the community is not experiencing the benefits they were expecting, and now they are either in debt or severely depleted of the resources needed to make a positive impact.

Insight Into Impact assists communities and organisations better understand their social impact. We help our clients better understand what is occurring internally & externally (eg. what community members are saying about recent projects & initiatives implemented by a council). Through our 3i Management Modelling process ©, we assist clients who want greater insights into their social, cultural, and environmental missions for increased positive impacts and greater outcomes.

Insight Into Impact utilises the 3i Management Model© to identify:

  1. the range of issues and challenges that occur throughout the duration of a community initiative or project;
  2. how stakeholder groups understand, manage, and respond to the issues;
  3. all associated positive and negative impacts occurring throughout the community and amongst stakeholder groups.

Our process reveals what responses and/ or management decisions are needed to mitigate negative impacts or produce positive impacts and outcomes.

Due to the complex nature of community development, management often makes decisions based only on a sample of the relevant information that is most prevalent or that has been communicated most effectively. The model helps put the entire community development process into context and assists in project management and decision-making by creating a platform that assists with transparency and trust-building by identifying the issues that are most severely impacting community members’ lives. Insight Into Impact’s 3i Management Model © also serves as a decision support tool. As a tool, its application analyses the management/ decision-making process from issue or challenges into the eventual resulting positive or negative impact. Meaning, our process reveals what responses and/ or management decisions are needed to mitigate negative impacts or produce positive impacts and outcomes.

By analysing the community development process and identifying emergent themes, Insight Into Impact is able to produce Insights and Outputs that enable stakeholders to become better prepared to manage current or future community projects. Our Outputs also consist of relationship maps, which create a clear way understanding past or present sequences so future decisions are made based on clearly presented, simplified data on complex, in-depth Insights needed to address the complexity of social sectors and community dynamics.