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Private Sector

Insight Into Impact’s Modelling process© produces easy to understand outputs, which provide the knowledge necessary to minimise negative impacts, increase positive impacts, and support better outcomes. The outputs support improved management and/ or stakeholder decisions because all of the historically messy and complex scenarios are simplified into clearly presented data and diagrams, which can be understood and processed quickly to support decision-making and management solutions.

Through our proprietary process, 3i Management Modelling©, Insight Into Impact is able to assist the private sector by:

  • Evaluating and prioritising socially responsible projects and initiatives;
  • Identifying key challenges and/ or issues occurring amongst stakeholders;
  • Evaluating the success and/ or struggles of current, past, or proposed management decisions;
  • Tracking and/ or identifying the impact of management decisions;
  • Tracking and/ or identifying the relationships between challenges and impacts;
  • Providing Insight into how stakeholders and/ or community members are addressing challenges and managing impacts;
  • Categorically managing data to formulate a corporate social responsibility strategy.

The 3i Management Model© Outputs also assist with internal or external communication. Irregardless of education and experience level, everyone can understand the outputs of the modelling process because it simplifies complex scenarios and produces easy to understand finds that are clearly presented via graphs and flow diagrams on a Dashboard. This process enables private sector clients the ability to quickly understand and communicate the best way forward to mitigate negative impacts and work towards positive impacts and outcomes with affiliated stakeholder groups and community members.

Case Example

Insight Into Impact was contacted by a mining company that was having difficulty demonstrating their land reclamation efforts. Many community members did not believe the mining company was doing enough; whereas other stakeholder groups also had varying concerning about the mining company’s efforts for aid negative environment and social impacts that accrued over decades of mining.

During community meetings, too often only select individuals were being heard the most, above the rest of the concerned attendees. Hence, Insight Into Impact was contracted to evaluate and measure 100 opinions from across the community. The Outputs of this study revealed that the majority of the community was satisfied with current efforts. Those who felt the mining company was not doing enough were primarily concerned over land rights, which was a different focus.