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Social Enterprise/ NGO/ NFP

Insight Into Impact’s 3i Management Modelling© process provides in-depth Insights needed to better understand/ measure and report organisational Impact! Our Outputs (Dashboards and Summary Sheets) enable organisations to communicate their Impact and provide complex, Insightful data through simplified, easy to follow graphs and diagrams that present the ‘in-depth’ data needed to best understand the Impact of an organisation’s management responses/ decision-making process.

Most impressive about Insight Into Impact’s solution is it is very accessible and easy to participate in, which means our organisational clients are able to quickly get feedback and input on their service from the beneficiaries themselves and also complimentary partners or affiliates. This capability of the 3i Management Modelling process© means organisations can demonstrate to their funding agents, advisory boards, and supporters how the reporting of their service/ offering compares to the experiences/ perceptions of the beneficiaries and affiliated stakeholder groups.

By having this clarity, estimations, approximations, and most importantly false (or uninformed) reporting is no longer acceptable or needed.

Insight Into Impact provides a clear, accurate, honest means of understanding and reporting Impact to ensure all vested parties are clear on the Impact of the Organisation according to those who are receiving and/ or more impacted by the initiative.

Case Example

Due to the ongoing need (often ‘struggle’) to seek and obtain funding across the social enterprise, NGO, and not-for-profit sectors, impact based organisation are frequently asked to demonstrate (measure) their impact and to prove their effectiveness of working in that space. Far too often, due to a lack of resources, which includes people power (quantity) and time, these organisations struggle to compile and compose reports, which are often sent to government agencies, philanthropies, trusts and foundations, and most importantly, the Board. Too often, these reports are not read or fully appreciated (understood) despite the amount of time that was required of the author/s to compose.

This exercise of reporting for the sake of reporting (compliance) is not aiding these organisations… their efforts/ time should be spent focused on their organisation’s services & beneficiaries. Although this reporting process occurs for compliance to justify funding acquisition, employees are left depleted because they want to focus on Impact and they are well aware that the drain and mismanagement of resources associated with the compliance process is affecting the overall benefit of their work/ organisation.

To remedy this process by acknowledging the time constraints of the organisations and appreciating funding bodies need reports to justify their funding distribution, Insight Into Impact’s 3i Management Modelling© process provides a streamlined, systematic means for organisations to report on their work and their Impact in a very time effective manner. This solution provides the funding bodies with in-depth Insights Into the work of these organisations, which can be interpreted and understood in moments. Additionally, these Outputs provide greater detail on the most prominent issues & challenges influencing positive or negative impact.

Further, the responses and decisions associated with the series of events/ sequence of actions that occurs between issues and impacts is thoroughly reviewed so organisations are provided the in-depth Insight of knowing what they are doing well and what aspects need a more specific focus and/ or resources. Again, the most important aspect Insight Into Impact’s process is that all individuals and/ or stakeholder groups are assessed as their own entity and in comparison to other stakeholders. By segmenting the analysis, organisations are able to develop a clear, focused strategy on precisely to manage their resources.

Due to the social responsibility associated with many social enterprises, NGOs, and not-for-profits, often supports and community members are very interested in learning more about the benefits and direct Impacts of their work. Hence, Insight Into Impact’s process is able to track both individual and organisation accountability to ensure resources are being appropriated in the best way.

By tracking the decision-making process of an organisation, they are able to provide these Insights into their operations and decision-making process in their reports and on their website and in presentation. This level of transparency builds trust with the public and with trust comes support and the ability to grow resources and achieve greater capacity.