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The need for the local community members, stakeholder groups, and the government, at all levels, to understand the social impacts of tourism on communities is essential to the tourism development process so action can be taken to minimise any negative feeling about tourists and tourism held by community members. As the success of tourism is reliant on the support of the local community, the need to comprehend, monitor, and manage tourism’s impact/s on the community is a necessity. To assist in this process, the impact of tourism cannot exceed the community’s accepted level of tourism influence. The ability to comprehend how tourist behaviour and impact influence community members is essential for developing the appropriate management strategies.

Insight Into Impact aids Tourism Organisations and Destination Management Organisations with understanding the social impacts associated with tourism. We provide Insight into the experiences of both the visitors and the hosts. The success of project outcomes is far too often based on subjective stipulations and agendas. Due to the complex nature of destination management, decisions are often based only on a sample of the relevant information that is most prevalent or that has been communicated most effectively. As a solution for providing decision-makers with a more information in a simplified manner, Insight Into Impact Modelling was created, tested, and peer-reviewed as a tool to assist with decision making and management solutions. Insight Into Impact’s Outputs consist of all the relevant information necessary to make a comprehensively informed decision. These Outputs can be read, interpreted, and understood within a matter of minutes as compared to the lengthy process of reading reports.

Utilising the 3i Management Model ©, Insight Into Impact assists councils and stakeholder groups in learning from current or previous actions and enables more informed decisions at going forward.