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How do you stack up? Aligning with the SDGs

At Third I Management we are passionate about impact analysis; positive and negative. The only way to drive change is to find solutions to problems. Raising awareness of any problem

Third i’s EXCITING Announcement! SparkPlug QLD

Third i Management is very excited to announce we have been selected to showcase at Advance QLD’s SparkPlug Rd 3: Impact Economy event in Feb/ March. This is an amazing

Is White Liberalism Taking Over Impact Investing?

At Third i Management, our software package enables and promotes more accountability in the impact investing landscape. More importantly, utilising our unique, proprietary citizen-led reporting process, we are able to

Principal Consultant, Dr. Marcus Curcija presenting at the Global Eco Conference

We are pleased to announce Third i Management’s Principal Consultant, Dr. Marcus Curcija will be presenting “Learning from Success: Two Malaysian Community Based EcoTourism Case Studies” at the Global Eco

What it Takes to Think Deeply About Complex Problems

Third i Management finds better management solutions by making sense out of complex situations. Our proprietary modelling process produces easy to follow diagrams, infographics, & dashboards that simplify complexity and

QSEC Enterprise Members

We are pleased to announce Third i Management is now a proud member of QSEC (Queensland Social Enterprise Council). We look forward to assisting & empowering social enterprise & community