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Third i’s EXCITING Announcement! SparkPlug QLD

Third i Management is very excited to announce we have been selected to showcase at Advance QLD’s SparkPlug Rd 3: Impact Economy event in Feb/ March. This is an amazing

Is White Liberalism Taking Over Impact Investing?

At Third i Management, our software package enables and promotes more accountability in the impact investing landscape. More importantly, utilising our unique, proprietary citizen-led reporting process, we are able to

Principal Consultant, Dr. Marcus Curcija presenting at the Global Eco Conference

We are pleased to announce Third i Management’s Principal Consultant, Dr. Marcus Curcija will be presenting “Learning from Success: Two Malaysian Community Based EcoTourism Case Studies” at the Global Eco

What it Takes to Think Deeply About Complex Problems

Third i Management finds better management solutions by making sense out of complex situations. Our proprietary modelling process produces easy to follow diagrams, infographics, & dashboards that simplify complexity and

QSEC Enterprise Members

We are pleased to announce Third i Management is now a proud member of QSEC (Queensland Social Enterprise Council). We look forward to assisting & empowering social enterprise & community

Impact Investing is Catching Fire: Here’s What You Need to Know | Forbes

So what is impact investing? Impact investment, as defined by GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), are “investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside