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Insight Into Impact’s Solutions provide organisations & industries with a tool to evaluate past, present, or future actions, decisions, and impacts. Our Outputs provide short-term solutions and support long-term strategies to create sustainable networks & systems for businesses and communities to thrive and grow in! Our solution provides a tool for all stakeholders to contribute and be involved in the process.

Conflict Management

The 3i Management Modelling process© is able to compile an overarching database on the impacts associated with development. Our Outputs provide Insight into what affiliated stakeholder groups and/or community members are experiencing and perceiving. This data enables decision makers to understand what the most important aspects of the initiative are to those who are directly impacted. Acquiring data like this is essential for community approval and the appropriate disbursal of resources. Additionally, having data that is specific to each affected stakeholder group promotes greater communication and aids conflict management.

The use of the 3i Management Model© assists in eliminating assumptions about what opposing stakeholder groups perceive to be conflict. The Outputs enable the other stakeholder group to fully understand how the opposing stakeholder group interpreted the sequence of events that lead to the resulting positive or negative impacts or outcome.

The 3i Management Model© also assists organisational bodies/ funding agents to understand that conflict management is a process that needs to be well managed and that it takes time. Many development projects have failed because support or funding was withdrawn too quickly due to the organisational bodies/ funding agents did not have a complete understanding of the ongoing process of managing conflict. As such, Insight Into Impact’s Outputs assist stakeholders to recognise the specific sequence of conflict-related events that resulted in either positive or negative outcomes, thereby providing a format to evaluate past or present projects. This knowledge supports improved management of current or future projects.

Impact Measurement & Monitoring

Insight Into Impact’s proprietary process (3i Management Modelling©) provides organisations with a streamlined, easy to implement process to evaluate, measure, & monitor impact. This process produces a dashboard of summarised data presented via graphs and flow diagrams, which enables all cohorts, particularly decision-makers, to assess the value of projects and initiatives. Our process provides a tool that clearly identifies and tracks:

  1. the issues and challenges amongst all stakeholders (most importantly the people and communities that are meant to be receiving the social benefit of the investment);
  2. how all stakeholders are responding to and managing these challenges;
  3. the positive or negative impact of these decisions and responses, which are significantly associated with the overall outcome of the investment and the initiative.

The 3i Management Model© is capable of evaluating the chain of events that lead to Impact by tabulating each Issue, Response, and Impact that occurs throughout an organisation, community, or for an individual. Insight Into Impact is able to provide Insights (quantitative data) into what issues are occurring most (or least) frequently for an individual or organisation. In relation to the Issues, Insight Into Impact’ is then able to provide Insight into what decisions or management responses are most or least effective in relation to eventuating into a positive impact.

The 3i Management Model© and its outputs can be used and understood by all stakeholder groups and community members wanting to be informed about the most relevant issues and impacts occurring throughout the community. Insight Into Impact’s process aids councils, organisations, stakeholder groups, and community members by clearly presenting the cause and effect relationships that occur throughout the community development and management process. This information, when shared amongst other stakeholders, initiates dialogue and establishes consensus- based informed decision-making and enables the entire community to be more informed about what is occurring throughout the region and the various perspectives others may have.

Evidenced-Based Approach

Insight Into Impact’s process involves the collection of comprehensive data from all relative stakeholder groups associated with a project or initiative to support evidence based-approaches for improved understanding, management, governance & accountability. There is growing need across organisations, the social sector, and among stakeholder groups to obtain Insight Into:

  • understanding the challenges associated with social impacts initiatives;
  • how & why projects are experienced and perceived differently among stakeholder groups;
  • what management decisions and/ or responses to challenges are working or not and why;
  • innovative ways to improve social impact management and associated governance.

By obtaining current data from all sectors and stakeholder groups our process provides outcome-based Insights. In particular, we see citizen-led reporting as being among our greatest capabilities. We assist the social sector by monitoring, measuring, communicating, and improving its social impact. We support people working for social change to be data-driven and outcomes-focused so they can improve people’s lives and create better, stronger communities. All stakeholders need to understand the perspectives of the people influencing & affected by government or organisational based projects and initiatives so responses can be more relevant, timely, effective, and efficient.

Insight Into Impact‘s process (3i Management Modelling©) is able to obtain both past and present data. Additionally, our approach aids in strategy and policy formulation by obtaining input on anticipated impacts and benefits. Also, the 3i Management Model© aids organisations with reporting. Due to our ability to quantify qualitative data, we are able to succinctly demonstrate what Issues and Impacts are the most relevant and what management decisions are most effective, as pertaining to each identified stakeholder group.

Tracking Accountability

Stakeholder groups are looking for more accountability and responsibility from the organisations and governments that are influencing their lives. This demand for more transparency and accountability is resulting in the need for more organisations to be open about their process, procedures and their impact on the community. Insight Into Impact is able to track the decision-making process of individuals and/ or organisations. By tracking this process, clients are able to better understand how actions are linked to positive or negative impacts. We are also able to demonstrate and report on presence of issues impacting communities, the strength and weaknesses of managerial responses or decisions, and the accumulation of positive and negative impacts experienced or perceived in the community, as relevant to each impacted stakeholder group.

Induction of the 3i Management Modelling© process enables decision makers to implement an on-going process of identifying and reporting issues and challenges, responses, and perceived impact. Through the process of reporting and with the aid of Insight Into Impact’s Outputs, our process helps stakeholders recognise the pattern of activity and actions that have resulted in impact. As a result, the 3i Management Model© identifies and confirms how individual or community responses eventually result in negative or positive impacts. Hence, the response(s) to any issue or challenge is an essential part of the success of any community initiative or project. Therefore, through identifying and presenting these complex relationships between the issues and challenges, responses, and impacts, stakeholder will have the knowledge to assist in improved strategy, management, and decision making.

Based on the Australian Government’s Principles for Social Impact Investing, Insight Into Impact’s 3i Management Modelling process© aids and supports ‘Co-design’ by providing the data and Insights required for social service delivery. Our process is an innovative means to gather input from various collaborators, stakeholder groups, and community members about what responses are needed to achieve positive impact.