How do you stack up? Aligning with the SDGs

At Third I Management we are passionate about impact analysis; positive and negative.

The only way to drive change is to find solutions to problems. Raising awareness of any problem is one of the most important ways to make progress toward solving it.

In mid 2019, the WorldEconomic Forum commissioned Ipsos* to gauge the level of SDG awareness among the global public. It focused on familiarity with the SDGs.

Almost 20,000 people between the ages of 16 and 74 from 28 countries responded.

Globally, the survey finds that at a global level, three out of four adults (74%) have at least some awareness of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in Australia the level of awareness drops to 40%. How much further will we fall behind?

Achieving the 2030 agenda relies on a responsive approach to the voice and needs of our people. It is our social responsibility as individuals, organisations and companies to educate ourselves and our youth. It is time to provide equal opportunities for all citizens, and to take accountability for our actions by creating a transparent business culture. Together we can work towards long-term sustainable development.

As our friend and SDG advocate Indi Tansey puts it “The purpose of measurement is to better understand the world around us but the measurement of purpose, has the power to accelerate us to a better world”.

The 3i Management Model© evaluates social impact in alignment with the SDGs. To learn more about setting objectives and SDG targets, citizen-led reporting and/ or evaluate how you stack up please get in touch today.

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